2005 - 2014 Mustang J&M Race Aluminum Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms

2005 - 2014 Mustang Adjustable Aluminum, Race Rear Lower Control Arms
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Race Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms for the 2005 - 2014 Ford Mustang improve traction and handling by eliminating bushing compliance and correcting suspension geometry. We use a very high precision 3 Piece Teflon-Lined Spherical rod end that uses a high strength, heat-treated alloy steel race with a DuPont Teflon liner for extra strength and life.  The precision rod ends used guarantee precise axle control, eliminating the compliance that leads to wheel hop, while still allowing the rear suspension to articulate freely.  These LCA's incorporate offset bushings to make sure the correct suspension geometry is in place to guarantee correct bind free articulation.  Our lightweight lower control arms weigh less than 2.5 pounds which make them almost 9 pounds lighter than the factory control arms.  These control arms are designed for the race track, but they can be used on the street (expect a slight increase in road noise).
  • Adjustable on your Mustang for easy chassis setup
  • High-precision Teflon lined spherical rods end with heat treated alloy
  • High-quality Aluminum for durability
  • Offset design for proper suspension geometry
  • Light-weight, less than 2.5 pounds (almost 9 pounds less than factory arms)
  • Increase performance
  • Made in the USA