2010 - 2011 Camaro V6 Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converter Assembly

2010 - 2011 Camaro V6 High FLow Catalytic Converters by Solo Performance 90N182
Quick Details
  • Fits: 2010 - 2011 Camaro V6
  • Tune: None Required
  • Install: 60 Minutes
  • Premium Handcrafted
  • Made in the USA
  • T304 Stainless Steel
  • Sport Touring Series
    Loudness: 2
    Drone: 1
    Performance: 2
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Feel It!
  • Add the Black Ops Edition for a high temp matte black stylish finish.
    Your Price: $732.90

    Product Details
    Sport Touring Series : Camaro V6 High Flow Cat Converter Assembly #90N182
    Refined Sound with Just the right Attitude

    Hear the Difference

    • How does it sound?
      The Camaro V6 Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converter Assembly #90N182 adds a great sound with about 15% to 20% more sound than stock cats.
    • Is there drone or resonance?
      Drone is comfortable and hardly noticeable.
    • What if I step on it?
      Wide open throttle increases exhaust loudness and tone to an aggressive performance sound.

    Feel the Performance

    • What is the muffler design?
      200 cell highflow cat converters provide maximum exhaust gas flow. At 6.0L per side with a total of 12.0L of cleaning ability, these converters exceed performance specs.
    • What is the tube diameter?
      3/8” thick front flange tubing, O2 bungs, and welds are stainless steel.
    • What are the performance gains?
      Reducing restriction and maximizing flow provide for noticeable gains.

    Get Noticed

    • What kind of tip is it?
      No Tips.
    • What are my system finish options?
      Metal SS : No Finish or the Black Ops : Total System Blackout.
    • What are my tip finish options?
      No Tips.

    Vehicle Application

    • Which vehicles does this fit?
    • Fits all 2010 and 2011 Camaro LLT V6

    Product Quality

    • What kind of steel is it made from?
      Corrosion resistant T304 stainless steel.
    • Where is it made?
      Developed and handcrafted in-house at our facility in Plymouth Michigan USA.
    • How long is the Warranty?
      Limited Lifetime Warranty (See Warranty Page for Details)


    • Can I install this myself?
      MRT engineers this Premium Exhaust System for a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) installation.
    • How long does it take to install?
      Installation time is about 1 hour and requires only common hand tools.
    • What is included?
      All necessary hardware included.
    Solo Performance Ultra High Flow Cats and sotck exhaust system
    Solo Performance Ultra High Flow Cats and sotck exhaust system

    Installing Your New Catalytic Converter

    1. There are four (4) oxygen sensors (two per side) in your Camaro converters. Find and unplug each of the four (4) sensors. Unplugging these sensors can be a bit tricky. Some patience is required.

    2. Unbolt the converter to manifold connection using a 15mm socket. You have to unbolt these from the engine compartment as the bolts are facing upwards.
    Note: Make sure you undo the top bolts (CAT to MANIFOLD) first. If you undo the bottom first and then the top, the cat will fall and possibly break or damage the O2 sensors.

    Note: This upward positioning of the bolts will be repeated when installing the SOLO cats. This is necessary to have access to the O2 sensor directly beneath these bolts.

    3. Undo the bottom bolts using a 15mm socket. Carefully remove the converter.

    4. Carefully remove the oxygen sensors from the stock converter with a 22ml or 7/8” wrench or special O2 socket.

    5. Take great care not to mix up the O2 positions. They have to be put back in the same position from where they were taken.

    6. Install the new SOLO Cats. The cats are market with a R (Passenger side) and L (Driver’s side).

    7. Sequence at Cat to Manifold connection from underneath the car:
    – Bolt facing upwards
    – Flat washer
    – Car
    – Solo gasket *Provided (Please be careful with the edges as they can be sharp.)
    – Manifold
    – Flat washer
    – Lock washer
    – Nut

    8. Use the stock GM band clamps at the rear converter connection.

    9. Finger tighten all bolts and manipulate the cat into alignment.

    10. At this time the SOLO CATS should be sitting in place with the O2 sensors still removed.

    11. Snug and then tighten all 8 bolts. Do this in an even manner. The front bolts can be either tightened from the bottom or top with a 9/16” socket.

    12. Screw the front oxygen sensors into the O2 bungs on the SOLO FREE-FLOW CATS until very snug.

    13. Screw the two (2) O2 extenders into the rear O2 ports of your converter until very snug. Screw the two (2) rear O2 sensors into the extenders until snug.

    14. Plug in all four (4) O2 sensors into the wiring harness.

    15. Check all connections and O2’s to ensure they are tight and plugged in.

    16. Check for rattles and tip alignment.

    17. Drive away and… Enjoy Going Solo!