2010 - 2014 Camaro MRT Carbon Fiber Effect Engine Cover

2010-2014 Camaro Carbon Fiber Effect Engine Cover by MRT
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Product Details
  • Unique Carbon Fiber Finish
  • Easy Installation
  • No vehicle modification
  • Designed specifically for your Camaro
MRT is one of the ONLY companies in the country that offers this Carbon Fiber Effect for your Camaro Engine Cover. In addition to several Carbon Fiber Effect looks, MRT provides many other hydrographic designs that may be applied to your engine cover and a variety of other surfaces. MRT offers full paint services, and you may choose to match part or all of your engine cover to your exterior paint or interior color. Please contact an MRT representative at 734-355-5807 to discuss your paint and hydrographics options to ensure that you get exactly the engine cover you are looking for! **The paint and carbon fiber effect featured on the Camaro engine cover shown is $249.99. This price does not include the cost of the engine cover itself. MRT arranges for the customer to send his/her part to MRT for the work to be completed. Please contact MRT at 734-455-5807 for ordering or a custom quote.