2015 - 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Vortech Charge Cooler Upgrade Package

2015 - 2018 Mustang EcoBoost intercooler
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The EcoBoost Mustang is huge change from what Mustang enthusiasts have been used to. The Turbo Charged engine in the Mustang has been built with high potential for unmatched performance. When attaining more power its also important to make sure you have the most efficient cooling system to manage that power. Vortech has come up with a solution with their Charge Cooler Upgrade Kit. The larger intercooler directly replaces your smaller restrictive intercooler which allows for a smoother, cooler air flow to occur in the charging system. The Vortech system supports any additional modifications on your EcoBoost Mustang up to 1000+ Horsepower, making this a very friendly piece for the person who plans on modifying their EcoBoost to its full potential. The kit comes with everything that is needed for an easy installation including silicone couplers, clamps and all necessary hardware.
  • Largest Replacement Ecoboost Mustang Charge Cooler On The Market
  • Able To Support up to 1,000 HP for future modifications
  • Integrates With Factory Bypass Valve, Plumbing, and TMAP Sensor
  • Mandrel-Bent, Large Diameter Aluminum Tubing
  • All Aluminum Charge Cooler with Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • Includes All Necessary Silicone Couplers, Clamps, And Hardware
  • Simple Installation

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