Aero Glide : Polymer Infused Clay Bar

Aero Glide : Polymer Infused Clay Bar
Quick Details
  • Removes:
  • Tree sap
  • Paint Overspray
  • Road Tar
  • Rail Dust
  • Bug Residue
  • Detailing Product
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    Includes 2 Clay Bars
    100gr Bars
    Made for Aircraft
    Perfect for Shine on the Go
    Perfect for a protected finish
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    Product Details
    When you're on the road, MRT understands how important it is to have your vehicle in showroom condition. AERO GLIDE is a clay formula that deep cleans and removes surface contaminates, while it lays down co-polymer to beautify and protect your car's finish for months to come. This polymer infused clay bar is safe for use on all paint surfaces. For best results, use with AERO FINALE as a surface lubricant. When you use the AERO GLIDE clay bar, no matter where you are, you will have a car show quality finish with a "get noticed" award winning shine!

    International AERO is a partner of MRT and they formulated this line of car care products based on their long history protecting polyurethane paint and hand-crafted leather interiors of $100M jets in extreme environments. Use this new car care AERO GLIDE claybar to pamper your vehicle! MRT uses AERO products on all MRT Garage show cars.
    • High Quality AERO GLIDE Polymer Clay Bar
    • Clean and protect your paint in one simple step!
    • Removes stubborn impurities that bond to paint and clear coats