Aero Away : Tire & Engine Cleaner 16 oz.

Aero Away Tire & Engine Cleaner - 16 oz. #80Z011
Aero Away: Tire and Engine Cleaner 16oz 80Z011
MRT Part #80Z011

Application: All makes and all Models!
Detailing Product: Tire and Engine Cleaner.
MRT Recommended: 100%
Retail Price: $21.99
Your Price: $14.39

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Product Details Technical Specs
Formulated to remove heavy soil, brake dust, and grease found on aircraft safely and effectively, AWAY is an environmentally friendly degreaser. It is a must that our degreaser perform to the very highest quality standards removing all dirt, soil, grease, or brake dust from the surface of aircraft while being gentle on sensitive components and specially treated surfaces.
AWAY degreaser will replace a shelf or two of cleaning products in your garage. It works as a bug & tar remover, a wheel cleaner, a tire cleaner, and an engine degreaser. AWAY cleaner is powerful enough to cut through grease on engines and baked-on brake dust… even on roughcast aluminum wheels. Tar, sap, and bugs will break down in just a matter of seconds.
AERO International : Aero Tire & Engine Cleaner
  • Powerfully cleans and degreases vehicle
  • Keeps Shine
  • Degreasing agents to remove dirt
  • NO Water Spots
  • NO "Spiderwebs"

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