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You're INVITED to the FIRST ever MRT virtual CRUISE - Show us your Fall Colors!  

2020 has been such an unusual year for all of us and Team MRT misses the car shows, coffee & conversations, Open Houses, Woodward Cruise, club meetings....and well, all the events that couldn't happen in Michigan over the past summer. 

It's officially Autumn now and we're thinking about our customers and wondering how everyone is doing when we came up with an idea:  what better way to connect than by participating in the first MRT Virtual Cruise?


Most cruises end with a PRIZE- so Team MRT would like: 

  • To ride along with you via an MRT installed product and/or an MRT installed banner - Get your free Banner Installed 10/1/20 - 10/09/20

  • To share in your experience via a shoutout on Facebook |ShopMRTUSA| or Instagram |ShopMRT| post 

  • To hear (sound on!!) from our MRT families and friends - how are you doing?

No Purchase Necessary - Free Banner Install for anyone that comes by our Brick & Mortar Location In Plymouth, MI.

Team MRT will be cruising as well and will share our journey over the next few weeks as the Michigan Fall Color begins. It's fantastic to see and peaks sometime in the middle of October.  Of course, no cruise can be complete without a prize. So, when it's over MRT is offering a special gift for the post (or posts) that receive the most likes and/or shares during the MRT virtual cruise.  

MRT virtual Cruise starts October 3 from the destination of your choice and ends October 23 as the final leaves begin to fall.

We're ready and excited to be riding along with you! Thank you!!