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HE Forged Wheels

Unsprung weight has always been the enemy of any performance vehicle. HE Forged designs all of their wheels with that in mind. "Unsprung weight" is the weight not supported by the suspension. Because unsprung weight reacts directly through the suspension to the frame, HE Forged designs their wheels to be as light as possible.

GT550Sizes: 19x9.5 - 19x10
20x9 - 20x10
GT551Sizes: 19x9.5 - 19x10
20x9 - 20x10
GT556Sizes: 19x9.5 - 19x10
20x9 - 20x10
GT559Sizes: 19x9.5 - 19x10
20x9 - 20x10
Legend SprintSizes: 18x7 - 18x8
19x7 - 19x8 - 19x10
20x7 - 20x8 - 20x10
22x8 - 22x10
Legend SpeedwaySizes: 17x7 - 17x8
18x5 - 18x7 - 18x8
19x7 - 19x8
20x7 - 20x8 - 20x10

Wheel Fitment Guide

All wheels are sold in RAW finish, color options are available.
Please contact us at 734-455-5807 or info@shopmrt.com if you have any color or fitment questions.