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Mantic Clutch USA Premium Twin and Trippe Disc Clutch Kits are perfect for street or strip! With torque capacity that ranges for 600 to1500ft-lbs, pedal effort feels a lot like the OE clutch yet it offers a pristine drivability for higher horsepower engines. Mantic Clutch Kits come with everything you need in the box; Clutch, flywheel, Release Bearing, and all necessary hardware. MRT offers a wide selection of these quality tested and approved clutches for all of your vehicle’s performance upgrade needs.

MRT Exhaust with Mantic Clutch
When you are making performance modifications to your car -- whether it is an exhaust system, tune, turbo, super-charger, rear end gear changes, or any of the above -- your vehicle is most likely going to be driven in a more high performance fashion. This is where a performance clutch comes in as being a necessary ingredient, so that you have a reliable, trustworthy performance package. Factory clutches will start to wear more quickly and not hold up in performance driving situations, whereas an upgraded clutch from Mantic will hold up and continue holding under those performance driving conditions. This gives the owner much more fun and confidence while driving!