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X-Pipe or H-Pipe?

As performance enthusiasts, we desire the greatest performance from our vehicles. When it comes to a mid-pipe upgrade to enhance performance, we’re faced with an important question: X-Pipe or H-Pipe? Making this decision seems extremely difficult but take it from the after-market exhaust specialists: this question has a no-brainer answer. The H-Pipe exhaust system beats the X-Pipe in regards to gas-flow, efficiency, muscle car sound and overall raw American performance… hands down.

Why? The unique design of the H-Pipe creates a greater surface area for the exhaust gases, meaning better efficiency. The tubes of the X-Pipe cross at the middle of the system, compressing more gas volume into a smaller space and decreasing the air flow, and therefore, creating an additional back-up of exhaust gases. The H-Pipe avoids this back pressure by directing the exhaust gases along separate air ways connecting them by a short cross-tube. Using an H-Pipe exhaust design to increase gas displacement in your engine and maximize your engine’s efficiency is a given.

Wait – There’s more! MRT has designed a superior MaxFlow H-Pipe that beats all others on the market, H-Pipes and X-Pipes alike. MRT achieves the highest engine efficiency with three key elements: 1) a greater tube diameter, 2) a smoother exhaust path, and 3) minimum catalyst backpressure.

The MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe widens the mid-pipe to 2.5 or 3 inches in diameter for maximum air-flow. What’s more, MRT's CNC mandrel bending technology ensures that our MaxFlow H-Pipe features smooth bends and precise fit. Now that’s a perfect fit!

Most MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe products offer additional gains by reducing restrictions caused by the catalytic converters ("cats") in two distinct catted versions: HiFlow and RaceCats. The HiFlow version of the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe is equipped with high-performance ceramic catalysts that improve exhaust flow over the factory equipment. The HiFlow option is ideal for the street performance driver, as it offers a reasonable compromise between performance output and emissions. The RaceCat version of the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe is a perfect fit for the extreme performance driver. The RaceCat H-Pipe features a premium metallic catalyst for a greater reduction in back-pressure, best saved for the track. Choose the best fit for driving needs, in order to receive the performance gains that fit you!

What do a greater tube diameter, a smoother exhaust path, and minimum catalyst backpressure add up to? MAXIMUM performance for your vehicle! But that’s not all: with great design you need great material; that’s why MRT handcrafts their MaxFlow H-Pipes out of T304 Stainless Steel that is CNC mandrel bent at MRT Headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. That’s right, all MRT exhaust systems are made in the USA! T304 stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion, offering the MRT MaxFlow H-Pipe long-lasting premium performance: the performance enthusiast’s dream. Go with the H-Pipe, and take it from us, you WON’T be disappointed!