14-19 Corvette C7 MRT QuadFlow Cat-Back

2014 - 2019 C7 Corvette QuadFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 91S121
MRT 304 Stainless Cat-Back: 2014-2019 Corvette C7 #91S121
MRT Part# 91S121 Loudness: 9 Drone: 1 Performance: 9

Application: 2014 thru 2019 Corvette C7
Doesn't Fit: Other Corvette models
Tune: None Required
Time to Install: 2.5 hours
Retail Price: $1,919.99
Your Price: $1,599.99

Price with Options: $1,599.99

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Product Details Technical Specs Installation Instructions
The MRT Corvette C7 QuadFlow Cat-Back system has a loud, deep muscle car sound and is handcrafted entirely in corrosion resistant T304 Stainless Steel. Base systems include T304 polished SS 4" tips and 3" mandrel bent tube. A Black Ops tip finish is available for an additional fee (Black Ops is a high temperature ceramic coating in black matte finish). This system is engineered for the best sound to provide your Corvette with the perfect balance of performance sound in spirited driving - comfortable in highway driving and managed sound at low speed and idle. This exhaust variant has straight through design with the loudest exhaust note, versus the stock exhaust. This Cat-Back exhaust will give you improved performance and sound with minimal drone as well.

For Corvette customers with factory installed AFM / NPP devices, MRT offers and recommends a simple solution that allows you to upgrade your exhaust system without having to develop a tune to defeat the AFM. For more information on these plates, refer to MRT Part #91X010 or simply add to your shopping cart before checkout.

Application: 2014 thru 2019 Corvette C7 6.2L V8 engine
Doesn't Fit: Other Corvette models.

Hear the Difference
  • How does it sound? The MRT C7 QuadFlow Cat-Back #91S121 has a spirited, balanced, street performance sound.
  • Is there drone or resonance? The drone is noticeable but tolerable.
  • What if I step on it? Wide-open throttle increases exhaust loudness and tone to an aggressive performance sound.
Are you located close to Plymouth, MI and need your MRT aftermarket exhaust installed? Call MRT at 734-455-5807 to make an appointment today!

91S120: 14-19 Corvette C7 MRT QuadFlow Axle-Back Review Video
14-19 C7 Corvette Quad flow Catback exhaust 91S121
  • DIY installation for the backyard mechanic
  • T304 Stainless Steel for the best corrosion resistance
  • Engineered, designed and manufactured in the USA

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