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MRT Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Stand out even after shutting the engine off with performance exhaust tips that are handcrafted in the USA. Replacement tips may not add any horsepower, but they will certainly help you Get Noticed. The shape and size of the tip also will slightly alter the sound of any exhaust system - even the OEM pipes. They're also the one part of your exhaust that's visible on the road, making them a prime point for exterior styling.

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Universal Aftermarket Exhaust Tips

MRT will help personalize your vehicle's sound and looks simply by adding an exhaust tip. Our universal exhaust tips come in multiple sizes and shapes to fit the most popular tube sizes. We handcraft replacement and custom exhaust tips for 2.5-inch or 3-inch tubing. You can get shorty exhaust tips, long angle-cut exhaust tips, turn-down exhaust tips and other styles. Each is made of T304 stainless steel with a polished or black matte finish.

How to Fine-Tune with Exhaust Tips

Although the effect of exhaust tips on sound is small, they're still a good way to calibrate the overall tone. The general rule is that larger tips make the sound bigger and throatier while smaller tips emit a raspier tone. Double-walled exhaust tips also have a fuller sound than single-walled tips. Finally, shorter exhaust tips are typically louder than long exhaust tips. This is because longer tips trap the sound, making it more likely to get compressed and fade up before escaping.

In terms of aesthetics, turn-down exhaust pipe tips are great for tow vehicles so you don't blow hot exhaust gases directly onto whatever you're hauling. People who just want a way to safely direct the exhaust gases without a big visual pop also use our turn-down tips - which are mandrel-bent for the most efficient flow. You can also get angled or straight-back tips in round, oval and square shapes. Extra-long tips will accommodate vehicles with large bumpers or trunks, though as mentioned, this may come at the expense of decibels.

Double-wall tips change the appearance as well compared to single-wall replacement tips. The second layer of metal gives double-wall exhaust tips a thicker, smoother look while making it harder for them to rust through. Which one looks best depends on the overall vehicle silhouette and your personal preferences.

Custom Exhaust System Accessories

Follow these principles to choose performance exhaust tips that draw a little bit extra from OEM, aftermarket or custom exhaust systems. Our tips are designed to be permanently welded onto the pipes. However, we can notch the tubes upon request for clamp-on installation. This option is preferable for those who either don't have experience welding or like to occasionally change up how their system looks.

All MRT exhaust tips are inspected by in-house experts before shipping to make sure even the smallest products meet the highest quality standards. With over 35 years of automotive engineering experience at both the OE and aftermarket levels, we understand how to design exhaust parts for the best sound.