Tip : 4" Exhaust Stainless Steel Tip

4in Round, angle cut Exhaust Tip
4" Polished Stainless Steel Tip C9120
MRT Part# C9120

Outlet size: 4.0 inch exhaust tip
Inlet size: 2.5 inch diameter exhaust pipe
Overall length: 8 inches
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Price with Options: $80.00

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Looking for a simple exterior styling upgrade or to give a bit more appearance to your exhaust system? This 4-inch stainless steel exhaust tip is meant for you! Our round shorty exhaust tips are easy to install and made from polished T304 stainless steel for an absolutely beautiful appearance to finish off your vehicle's exhaust system.

An exhaust tip is mostly added for show and usually has no impact on exhaust performance. However, in some cases, MRT aftermarket exhaust tips can fine-tune the sound. If this tip is larger than what you're replacing, it will make the sound slightly deeper and throatier - especially if the tip has double walls. Conversely, reducing the size produces a slightly higher and raspier tone. A shorty exhaust tip is also louder than a long tip since it's easier for the sound frequencies to escape.

Handcrafted Round Exhaust Tips

MRT offers a small selection of exhaust tips that are designed to be welded on. You can do this yourself or bring it to a local automotive shop, which usually can weld them on for a small fee. By request, our team will notch the tips so they can be clamped on - just remember to screw the clamps tight! This 4-inch round stainless steel exhaust tip has a 2.5-inch diameter inlet for attaching to like-size exhaust pipes. It has a double-wall design to make the sound fuller while having smoother walls that are less likely to "burn through." Contact us if you want the Black Ops matte black finish that is also offered with our complete exhaust kit.

Add our universal round exhaust tip to any OEM, aftermarket, restored or custom-built exhaust system with 2.5-inch tubing. If you want this system notched, select this option and purchase MRT-recommended exhaust band clamps ( 2.5-inch band clamp - MRT part #C9095). To keep your polished stainless steel exhaust tip looking like new, MRT recommends cleaning with Aero Polish by International Aero. Since 2002, MRT has been handcrafting the finest exhaust systems and accessories with all work done in-house at our Plymouth, Michigan headquarters.


  • 4" round, 30-degree angle cut, double-walled exhaust tip
  • Made of polished T304 stainless steel
  • Designed with a 4" outlet, 2.5" inlet diameter and 8" overall tip length
  • Offered as a great exterior styling upgrade for your vehicle and as a great option for fabricated or restored exhaust systems
  • Designed to be welded on with notching available for exhaust band clamp
  • 4" round, angle cut and double walled exhaust tip
  • Constructed of polished T304 stainless steel and designed to fit over 2.5 inch exhaust pipe
  • Simple to install, exterior styling upgrade for your car or truck

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