Tip : 3" Turn Down Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel

3in Turn Down Exhaust Tip
3" Exhaust Turn Down Tip CETTD3

Steel wall thickness: 0.065 inches
Inlet size: 3.0 inch diameter exhaust pipe
Overall length: 12 inches
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If you don't want to see the exhaust exit the rear of your vehicle, here's a tip: this MRT 3-inch turn-down exhaust tip might be just what you need. These tips are made from simple three-inch T304 stainless steel exhaust pipe and mandrel bent to create a slight downward angle at the end. Adding them creates a uniform look along the rear of the vehicle so the overall profile is the star of the show.

Turn-down exhaust tips are also a must for tow vehicles. They'll direct hot exhaust gases away from cars, motorcycles, trailers or whatever else you might be towing so it doesn't cause damage or discoloration. This 3-inch exhaust tip will point sound and air downward - and the sound will bounce back upward so you hear more of the roar. With this exhaust tip, turn down the exhaust and turn up the sound, looks and fun you get out of your vehicle.

Exhaust Tips for DIY Projects

A replacement turn-down tip is an affordable component for exhaust repairs and custom fabrication. It's designed to slide over three-inch tubing on either a stock or aftermarket pipe. You can even add it to an MRT exhaust kit if you prefer turn-down tips for performance or aesthetic reasons. The overall tip length is 12 inches with plenty of overlap for attachment without leaking.

This three-inch exhaust pipe tip is designed to be welded on as a standard option. If you don't want to do the welding yourself, muffler shops can do it for you for a nominal sum. As another option, you can order these 3-inch exhaust tips notched for muffler clamps at no extra cost. Then you can install your turn-down exhaust tips easily simply by screwing tight the band clamps. When purchasing, just make your selection. If you elect to use muffler clamps with these 3" stainless steel exhaust tips, MRT recommends these three-inch band clamps (MRT Part #C9094) which are also made of stainless steel.

We know car and truck people never turn down a good chance to update their ride's performance and looks. Adding a turn-down round exhaust tip is an affordable way to do so. These exhaust tips are designed, engineered and handcrafted in the U.S. with international shipping options so you can enjoy great quality anywhere. We offer a superior customer experience for all our fellow auto enthusiasts - call us at 734-455-5807 with any questions or thoughts.

  • 3" turn-down exhaust tip made from T304 stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance and rust resistance
  • A great option for truck drivers who want to direct exhaust gases away from whatever they are towing or for owners who don't want to see the exhaust tips
  • Offered as weld-on (standard) or with a notching option at no extra charge for band clamp usage
  • For use with exhaust fabrication, customization or repair

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