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Chevy Blazer Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

Bring sport performance sound and feel to your Chevrolet Blazer with an aftermarket premium axle-back exhaust system from MRT. Offered in dual tip exhaust for all vehicles and a special quad tip system for the Blazer RS.  Each system is handcrafted in the USA and made from T304 stainless steel!
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2019+ Chevy Blazer LT Trim V6 MRT Sport Touring Axle Back w/DMS 2019+ Chevy Blazer LT Trim V6 MRT Sport Touring Axle Back w/DMS

Loudness: 8 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Sport Touring sound. Part # 92T120
4" Dual tips polished or black. T304 SS exhaust tube

Sale Price: $746.99

2019+ Blazer RS Sport Touring Axle Back Exhaust 92T122 2019+ Blazer RS MRT Sport Touring Axle Back w/DMS

Loudness: 8 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Sport Touring. Part # 92T122
3" Quad Tips polished or black, 2.5" T304 Stainless

Sale Price: $809.99


Chevy Blazer Performance Exhausts

The modern Chevrolet Blazer already makes a strong first impression - but you can truly Get Noticed with a Blazer aftermarket exhaust. GM reintroduced the Blazer nameplate in 2019 as a midsize crossover SUV, and our team immediately went to work designing exhaust systems that would bring out its full fire. The result is Chevy Blazer axle-back exhaust systems from automotive engineers who understand sound.

MRT exhausts offer unmatched performance in a convenient DIY package. Each bolt-on system is handcrafted from corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel It takes an hour or less to install your new Chevy Blazer exhaust using standard automotive tools - and no tuning is necessary. We inspect your exhaust at least four times before it leaves the shop to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Best Exhaust System for Chevy Blazer

Strike exactly the right note by upgrading your exhaust system from MRT. Our 2019+ Chevy Blazer LT Axle-Back Dual Tip wrings even more from the 3.6L V6 engine, increasing horsepower thanks to mandrel-bent tubing that allows more exhaust flow. It also adds a sport touring sound that's neighborhood-friendly while cruising but gets aggressive when you slam the gas pedal. We've also developed a Chevy Blazer RS Axle-Back Exhaust with Quad Tips. Its drone management system minimizes this annoying aftereffect so you feel comfortable in the cabin.

All MRT Blazer exhaust systems are made in the U.S. with a choice of classy polished steel or stealthy "Black Ops" tip finishes. Call us directly at 1-734-455-5807 to learn more from an exhaust expert.

2019+ Chevy Blazer

What's the best axle back exhaust for Blazer?

  1. An axle back exhaust that improves sound, performance, power, fuel economy and the fun factor is the best Blazer exhaust choice. Yes, there is one axle back that can provide all these things - the MRT Sport Touring exhaust. Designed for improved exhaust flow with less restriction translates to power and performance increases. Also, all MRT Exhausts are made from T304 stainless steel which is the highest-grade steel for exhaust corrosion resistance.

Is there drone on a Blazer aftermarket exhaust?

  1. Drone can be present on non-OEM exhaust systems if they are not designed properly. If you're replacing your stock Blazer exhaust, look for a company who produces a system that engineers drone out of the exhaust note such as the MRT drone management system available on many of their premium exhaust cat back and axle back systems.

Is it easy to install an exhaust on Chevy Blazer?

  1. If you're changing your stock exhaust system, look for a replacement exhaust that is designed for DIY installation such as the direct, bolt on MRT Sport Touring Axle back. This system installs in 8 simple steps: measure, cut out stock exhaust, slide new Y-pipe tube and drone management pipe, position band clamps, align exhaust tips, and tighten!

Can I get black exhaust tips on my Chevy Blazer?

  1. Yes, MRT offers 4" black exhaust tips that have a black matte high-temperature finish. This look is great for the Blazer owner who wants a stealthy look that comes alive with an exhaust note that is sure to Get Noticed on acceleration.