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Ford Flex Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

Going wide open never felt as good as when you have a high-quality MRT Ford Flex exhaust. We make all of them in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty.
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Enjoy the conveniences of a modern crossover SUV and the throaty roar of a mighty muscle car with a Ford Flex MRT exhaust system. The Flex may be a family vehicle in name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it on a mountain-climbing adventure or off-roading excursion. A little extra power and the unique MRT sound will get your adrenaline pumping when you need action. It’s like driving a super-sized MINI in more ways than one! We’ll get you fixed up with a premium Flex exhaust that is affordable, durable and easy for DIY mechanics to install.

Like all MRT exhaust systems, our Ford Flex packages are designed to hear the difference and feel the performance. Mods such as the MRT EcoFlow Axle-Back Exhaust are precision-engineered to match your SUV’s sound and power DNA. This brings out a balanced, deep sound with minimal drone that lets you “Flex” a little as you drive without getting overly aggressive. If you want more horsepower, MRT gives you that as well with wide tubing and a straight-through muffler that provides peak exhaust flow. Both these parts, as well as the tips, are made of corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel that can handle the heat. Choose between a polished steel or blackout finish to match your undercoating and wheels.

You don’t need to be a metal fabrication expert or search far and wide for affordable Ford Flex exhausts. We handcraft them in the USA and keep every stage of production in-house. This cuts out the middlemen to give you a better deal. Each exhaust is also designed for backyard mechanics. Just grab a few tools and use the included clamps and installation instructions. Our owner has more than 35 years of automotive experience and still is hand-on during production to make sure these exhausts are worthy of the MRT name. Talk with a staff expert Monday-Friday by phone or live chat to learn more.

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