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2021 Ford Bronco Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

Take your sport SUV on a new adventure with a premium exhaust from MRT that is purposeful in it's craftsmanship, quality and design for an easy-to-install system that is perfect for an outdoor, country or city adventure.
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2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Axle back Exhaust #90R230 2021+ Ford Bronco MRT King of the Hill Axle Back Turn Down Tip

Loudness: 8 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Aggressive Performance Sound. Part # 90R230
Best clearance package

Sale Price: $539.99

2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Axle back #90R238 2021+ Ford Bronco MRT King of the Hill Axle Back Dual Tips

Loudness: 9 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Most Aggressive Performance Sound. Part # 90R238
Dual Tips polished or black. T304 Stainless Steel

Sale Price: $679.99

2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Axle back 2021+ Ford Bronco MRT King of the Hill Axle Back Single Tip

Loudness: 8 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Aggressive Performance Sound. MRT Part # 90R234
3" Single Polished or black Tip, 2.5" Exhaust Tube

Sale Price: $629.99

2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Trail Rated Axle back Exhaust #90R232 2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Trail Rated Axle Back Turn Down Tip

Loudness: 6 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Sport Street Performance Sound. MRT Part # 90R232
Turn down tip, 2.5" T304 Stainless Steel

Sale Price: $539.99

2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Trail Rated Axle back #90R236 2021+ Ford Bronco MRT Trail Rated Axle back Single Tip

Loudness: 6 Drone: 1 Performance: 8
Sporty Performance Sound. Part # 90R236
Single Tip polished or black. Made in the USA!

Sale Price: $552.49

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After a 25 year hiatus from the market, Ford launched the sixth generation Bronco SUV and MRT couldn't be more excited! Performance sound and handcrafted accessories 100% made in the USA are ready so you can customize your Bronco and give it a personality all your own.

We've designed a series of Ford Bronco mods befitting the different adventures this full size SUV will fulfill offering T304 stainless steel axle-back systems each engineered and designed to deliver the sound and styling configuration to meet an enthusiast's needs. You've heard of King of the Road? Well, now you can be King of the Hill with a true tough truck performance sound. MRT axle-back options include 3 configurations. The turn down tip provides a fierce performance sound, maximized fuel economy and extreme ground clearance. The 3.5" dual-wall 304 stainless tips helps you Get Noticed with a nice polished or black matte finish and as we couldn't do any more, the dual-tip system achieves the most aggressive street performance sound and look for your Bronco.
MRT's Trail Rated Bronco exhausts are for the customer who wants a more mellow performance sound that grows to full-on performance at wide open throttle. MRT offers single turn down tips for maximum clearance and a single 3.5" stainless steel tip available in bright polish or black matte finish.

Of course, a Ford Bronco wouldn't be complete with the MRT no drill hood strut accessory. Following the design fit and quality of the original Mustang hood strut kits introduced by MRT in 2005, this kit is a must add for the Bronco owner. Loosing the engine prop rod and providing a hood lift that uses factory attachment points for strength and safety is almost a given for any outdoor enthusiast.

Bronco Exhaust FAQs

Is it easy to remove factory Bronco exhaust and install an aftermarket exhaust?

  • Yes, simply loosen the OE exhaust clamps that connect factory system to the over axle tube
  • Remove the OE exhaust from hangers
  • Insert MRT axle-back system onto over axle tube, secure into factory hanger
  • Tighten exhaust clamp while maintaining exhaust position

Why do I need to check my aftermarket clamps and tip position after 30 miles of driving?

  • Heat cycle of the engine exhaust gases will cause expansion and contraction
  • As things "settle in", suggested after 30 miles of driving, recommend checking and tightening clamps if needed

What is the most aggressive sounding aftermarket exhaust for Ford Bronco?

  • MRT King of the Hill Axle-back with single or dual tips
  • Let's you hear a deep, rumble and purr when you're driving

Why change the Ford Bronco exhaust?

  • The stock factory exhaust is quiet
  • An aftermarket exhaust, such as the MRT axle-back exhaust systems, lets you hear the turbo whistle or whining when the turbo kicks in. You can also hear the hissing sound of the blow-off valves as they vent extra pressure
  • Most people love to hear these sounds especially as they accelerate so they know the engine is performing and can Feel the performance
  • The MRT axle-back systems are designed with a larger diameter tube vs factory to open up the exhaust air flow, exhaust sound level (note) and open up more opportunities for fun!
  • Standard OE exhaust material is 409 stainless steel. MRT uses the highest grade of stainless steel - T304 for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Did you know T304SS is the type of steel used for medical devices?

What should I consider when I buy a Bronco aftermarket exhaust?

  • The exhaust shape - is it big and bulky? If so, the Bronco ground clearance could be less than stock limiting the type of Bronco adventures you might want to go on.
  • The material - will it last? T304 stainless steel exhaust tube has the highest corrosion resistance letting you take your Bronco on coastal adventures (sea salt spray), Winter Wonderland adventures (salted ice/snow roads) and the many places a mind can travel…
  • The sound - do you want a loud sound level that's present in all driving conditions (MRT King of the hill - part # 90R238, 90R230, 90R234) or one that's in the background and you hear when you accelerate (MRT Trail rated - part # 90R232, 90R236)
  • The type of exhaust - do you need a full cat-back system or a simple axle-back system? Price and sound consideration

What's the best aftermarket Bronco exhaust for off-road use (adventure)?

  • MRT's King of the Hill axle-back with turn down exhaust tips.
  • Tube design and shape is engineered to tuck high into the underbody without obstruction
  • Turn-down tips are sleek and small -- polished or black tips will increase the exhaust end where the exhaust tip is attached

What's the best Bronco underhood accessory?

  • MRT original hood strut kit
  • No modifications - no drilling
  • Lifts hood using factory designed attachment points for strength and safety
  • Clear pathway for vehicle maintenance
  • No need to manual set the engine prop
  • Service/maintenance - ability to quickly add oil, windshield wiper fluid without handling an engine prop rod…automatically lift the hood when you pull the hood lever (MRT hood struts)