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MRT Exhaust Flanges & Tubes

Put together an exhaust that satisfies your ears, eyes and wallet by shopping at MRT. We handcraft an assortment of aftermarket exhaust tubes and flanges for DIYers who like to do their own exhaust work. These universal exhaust parts can be used to repair most factory systems, modify an MRT system or build a custom exhaust from the ground up. If you're designing a custom exhaust system, make sure to also check out MRT resonators and mufflers to produce a dream sound.

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All parts and accessories are made from aircraft-quality T304 stainless steel that never rusts. It's the highest-grade material used for exhausts to you can let out the ponies and keep them out. All designing, engineering and manufacturing are done right here in the USA by people with decades of automotive experience.

High-Performance Exhaust Parts

MRT offers both 2.5" exhaust pipes and 3" exhaust tubes that will fit the vast majority of vehicles on the road. Stainless steel straight pipes can be ordered in one-foot increments between 1 and 6 feet - just select the tube length before you check out. Safely direct exhaust gases from the engine to the rear with U-bend exhaust tubes, mandrel bend tubes, J-bend tubes and other common shapes. We custom-cut and bend the piping using our extensive knowledge of popular project car layouts. These parts can be welded, bolted or clamped with no special tools needed (let us know if you want the tubes notched before shipping).

You might also need a set of exhaust flanges. A flange is placed between pipes, or between a pipe and the manifold, to seal the connection and prevent leaks. (Older systems also require an exhaust gasket to complete the seal.) We offer mild steel exhaust flanges that will satisfy most factory systems and stainless steel exhaust seals for performance pipes. The SS flanges are available in 2-bolt or 3-bolt patterns.

Need help with your DIY exhaust project? Contact MRT by phone, email or live chat. Our experts provide a superior customer experience for everyone who wants to Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.