Tube : 3.0" T304 SS 90° Mandrel Bend

3 inch diameter pipe T304 Stainless Steel 90° Bend
90° Bend 3.0" T304 Stainless Steel #C3043B90
MRT Part #C3043B90

Material: T304 Stainless Steel Tube
Diameter: 3.0 inches
Your Price: $55.00

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Product Details Technical Specs
This T304 Stainless Steel hollow pipe has a 3.0 inch diameter and is CNC mandrel bent to a 90 degree angle with 6" leg on each end (A). Bent steel tube is great for custom exhaust fabrication and doing your own exhaust system repair. The wall thickness of this T304 Stainless steel tubing is 0.065 inches and is the highest grade steel recommended to provide some rust and corrosion resistance.

MRT offers a selection of exhaust fabrication parts for the customer: band clamps, straight tube, resonators and more. Check here for a full listing of available options: MRT Exhaust Parts
  • 3.0 inch diameter T304 stainless steel pipe
  • CNC mandrel bend of 45 degrees with 6" straight on each side
  • Great item for exhaust repair or fabrication

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