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Subaru BRZ Premium Exhausts

Declare your presence without saying a word by rolling in with an MRT exhaust on your vehicle. These first-generation Subaru BRZ exhaust systems are a simple and affordable way to make the sound of your vehicle match the way you drive it. As a brother-from-another-mother to the Toyota 86, the BRZ is already a popular sport coupe among modern car enthusiasts. The right exhaust creates the perfect meld between modern compact sport looks and a vintage muscle car soul. We have several high-end exhaust systems and other Subaru BRZ performance parts to Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

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A System for Your Budget

Whether money is no object or you need to watch every penny, MRT has a setup for you. Our budget-minded customers will prefer Subaru BRZ axle-back exhausts and cat-back exhausts. They only replace part of the system, so while your gains aren't as big, they cost a lot less. The single exit axle-back BRZ exhaust, for example, provides a medium performance and sound upgrade while being affordable for even the tightest wallets. It's ridiculously easy to install, too.

If nothing but the best will do, go for the Version 3 BRZ Header-Back RD Exhaust. This replaces every pipe, nut and bolt from the header to the tailpipe while also adding a resonator delete to truly open up your car's throat. A straight-through muffler design means a double-digit horsepower surge. Version 2 header-backs have similar power gains but a mellower sound if you want to (or need to) be considerate of neighbors.

Easy Performance Upgrades

MRT systems are built to professional quality standards but made for DIYers. Each exhaust kit can be installed by a backyard mechanic with no special tools or tuning required. The parts themselves have been inspected a minimum of four times to ensure they're of high quality. Call the MRT experts at 1-734-455-5807 if you need assistance.

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