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Ford Fiesta ST Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

There won’t be anything miniature about the power, sound or style of your Ford Fiesta when it has a custom MRT exhaust system that’s handcrafted in the USA.
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Ford Fiesta ST Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

There won't be anything miniature about the power, sound or style of your Ford Fiesta when it has a custom MRT exhaust system that's handcrafted in the U.S.

Get Noticed driving to a party or on the track with the best aftermarket exhaust system from MRT! The Ford Fiesta was originally introduced more than 40 years ago as a subcompact hatchback for those who cared about fuel economy above all. However, recent generations have joined other superminis such as the Fiat 500 and MINI Cooper as high-performance vehicles - and with the Ford Fiesta ST, it officially went from a grocery-getter to a trophy-getter. It was even named Car of the Year by Top Gear magazine in 2019!

Get yours ready for the rally circuit or track days by installing a Fiesta custom exhaust. This MRT Ford Fiesta ST accessory is handcrafted for high-quality power, sound and looks. You'll take no prisoners on the track or the street when your little four-cylinder hatchback is roaring like a first-generation Mustang.

DIY Fiesta ST Performance Exhausts

We develop exhaust systems such as the 2014-19 Fiesta ST Extreme Cat Back for car enthusiasts like us who want to crank up anything with four wheels. These on-demand exhausts have a deep muscle car sound when idling or cruising; when you step on it, they switch to a balanced-but-aggressive performance tone. Precision automotive sound engineering is tailored to the design of the Fiesta for a unique sound you won't hear from any other exhaust.

The loud noise matches the extra power you'll feel from the straight-through muffler and large T304 stainless steel tubing that are less restrictive than on a factory exhaust. In a small car like the Fiesta ST, even a few more horsepower goes a long way - and you'll get more than a few from our Fiesta cat back exhausts.

A complete Ford Fiesta exhaust upgrade is surprisingly affordable when it's an MRT exhaust. That's in part because we do all aspects of production in-house from initial concept to manufacturing. Everything is done in the U.S. at our Plymouth, Michigan headquarters, which means fast shipping. We've also made them easy to install yourself. You don't need to pay a professional mechanic to replace the old exhaust or tune the new one - just grab some standard hand tools and set aside an hour in your garage. Bringing out the best in your subcompact really is that simple.

Custom Parts for Your Fiesta ST

Are you looking for more options when it comes to upgrading the Fiesta ST exhaust system? If you want a slightly more subdued sound such as our Street Race and Sport Touring series, or you prefer a more affordable axle back exhaust, get in touch. We're always working on new products and may be able to customize an exhaust.

We also carry a variety of exhaust parts along with other Ford Fiesta ST performance accessories. From the JMS PedalMAX throttle response tuning chip to SCT X4 Power Flash ECU programmers, there are solutions to fit your performance thirsts and your budget.

Call or email us Monday-Friday to speak with an expert that is dedicated to offering a superior customer experience.