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Handcrafted Jeep Wrangler Performance Exhaust Systems

Order a Wrangler high-performance exhaust from MRT if you want to Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed. Every generation of Jeep Wrangler can be made even better with a good exhaust system. MRT has a team of automotive engineers that have made it their life's work to understand vehicle sound. Together, they design and manufacture the best Jeep Wrangler exhaust systems that are made in the USA. Stainless steel construction, high-flow tubing and double-wall tips are just some of the ways we make them stand out.
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Exhaust Systems That Fit Your Jeep

No two Jeeps are alike - which is why MRT sells many different exhaust kits for them. The Version 1 Street Performance Wrangler JK Cat-Back Exhaust is a complete makeover for third-generation models. Both the two-door exhaust and four-door exhaust have a deep throaty sound that's loud, but not too loud. Version 3 Jeep Wrangler exhaust systems turn the volume way up while limiting the drone. These are ideal if you primarily drive in remote areas where there's no one to file a noise complaint.

We also make JL exhaust systems for the fourth Wrangler generation. The Off-the-Grid JL Axle-Back Performance Exhaust has industry-leading exhaust gas flow, corrosion resistance and style. Single and dual exhaust systems are available. If you want an exhaust you don't see here, give us a call - we may be able to build a custom system.

Wrangler Exhausts for Backyard Mechanics

You don't need to bring your vehicle to a professional shop to experience unmatched performance. MRT exhaust systems are designed from the start for DIY installation. The Wrangler axle-back exhausts take about 60 minutes to install while the cat-back kits need about 90 minutes. Just grab your shop tools and follow the provided instructions. We've been making it easier to upgrade the exhaust on dozens of vehicles since 2003.

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