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Chevy SS Premium Handcrafted Exhaust Systems

Make your Super Sport ride even more super with a handcrafted Chevy SS exhaust package from MRT. They’re backed by a limited lifetime warranty for car enthusiasts!
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Feel the performance and hear the difference every time you so much as tap the throttle after installing a Chevy SS custom exhaust system. The Chevrolet SS had a small but loyal following among people who wanted an entire vehicle built around the Super Sport concept. Add some horsepower and muscle sound to this luxury-type car by giving it a handcrafted exhaust system that’s engineered for its DNA. This car has a “sleeper” look to it where most people won’t notice you coming until you already blow past. But with the aggressive tone of this exhaust package, they’ll certainly hear you closing in.
MRT developed the Chevy SS QuadFlow Cat-Back and other premium exhaust upgrades for car guys (and gals) who wear their enthusiasm loud and proud. The 2.5-inch tubing and straight-through muffler maximize the flow of exhaust gas to provide a notable power boost. It also improves fuel economy so you can go longer and faster on a tank of gas. Our sound engineering team has created an exhaust system that produces a loud, energetic sound when the throttle is wide open. With polished double-wall tips and a polished steel or Black Ops finish, you’ll get noticed for its looks as well as the sound.
If you want to show people why the Chevy SS was the best, MRT Engineered Performance is the way to do it. We make every exhaust system in the USA using corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel and other premium materials. You don’t need to be a master mechanic to install your new system, either. These are the ultimate DIY exhausts that take just an hour to bolt onto a car using standard hand tools. We even include all the hardware you need. Download the installation instructions from the product pages or call us at 734-455-5807 to talk with an expert that committed to giving you the best customer experience.

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