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MRT Exhaust with JMS BoostMAX

When a customer purchases an MRT Exhaust, not only does it come with performance sound but also actual performance in the vehicle. So if the vehicle is equipped with a factory turbo or eco-boost then the Boostmax will actually do a couple things. First, it increases horsepower and torque, produced by the turbo, at a lower point in the RPM range. Second, it will increase the boost being produced by the turbo slightly. So when purchasing a MRT Exhaust along with a JMS Boostmax, it will give the customer actual measurable performance gains.

MRT Exhaust with JMS PedalMAX

When adding an MRT Exhaust you get performance sound along with actual performance when driving. The Pedalmax working as another primary upgrade also adds vehicle responsiveness and actual performance, making your vehicle fun and more engaging to drive. The key advantage with the MRT exhaust systems and Pedalmax paired together is that neither requires a retune, keeping the vehicle on the safe side from a warranty stand point, possible emissions testing, and etc. This makes the MRT Exhaust and Pedalmax a low risk, high reward combination!
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