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Mustang Front Splitters and Accessories

Find the right items to personalize your four-wheeled pony from our Mustang accessories department. There are many small parts that make a big difference in both performance and looks. MRT has been developing Mustang add-ons that meet the same standards as our performance exhaust systems. Just like these pipes, all MRT aftermarket Mustang upgrades are handcrafted in the USA. Check back often to see what's new in our collection.

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2010 - 2012 Mustang GT, Boss 302 MRT Front Splitter 10 - 12 Boss 302, California Special MRT Front Splitter
Retail Price: $599.99
Your Price: $499.99
2010 - 2012 MRT Front Splitter & GT Fascia Conversion Kit 10 - 12 Mustang GT MRT Front Splitter Conversion Kit
Retail Price: $140.00
Your Price: $259.00
1979 - 2009 Mustang MRT Custom Shorty Antenna 1979 - 2009 Mustang MRT Shorty Antenna
Retail Price: $31.66
Our Price: $26.39

1979 -1993 Fox Mustang MRT Fascia Mounting Hardware 1979 - 93 Fox Mustang MRT Fascia Mounting Hardware
Retail Price: $311.99
Your Price: $259.99

2015-23 Ford Mustang MRT Front Splitter 2015-23 Mustang MRT Adjustable Front Splitter
Retail Price: $839.99
Our Price: $699.99
2021+ Ford Bronco ORV Flag Mount Kit 2021+ Ford Bronco ORV Flag Mount Kit
Retail Price: $29.99
Your Price: $24.99
MRT Mustang Bullitt Shift Knob Mustang Bullitt Shift Knob - Custom Order
Retail Price: $78.99
Your Price: $70.99


Exterior & Interior Mustang Accessories

Customize any generation of Mustang inside or out at MRT. One of our most popular non-exhaust performance parts is the Mustang front splitter. The right splitter greatly enhances the aerodynamics of a vehicle. Our track-inspired splitters, such as the California Special MRT Front Splitter, sit underneath the front bumper to increase downforce and reduce wind resistance. We also make splitter conversion kits and front fascia mounting hardware for several Mustang generations. These replacement fascia brackets are a must for restoring older vehicles or adding an upgraded splitter to newer models.

Looking for an alternative to your boring factory shifter? MRT shift knobs have a feel and style to die for. Boss 302 Rally Shift Knobs and Bullitt Shift Knobs are a racy way to get in gear. If you like listening to the radio, switch to a colorful Mustang shorty antenna that improves the car's appearance while maintaining good reception. The R&D team is working on new concepts every day that give Mustang enthusiasts more ways to stand out.

The MRT Difference

No matter what you buy, you'll receive a premium part built for years of glory. All MRT parts are designed for backyard DIY installation with minimal or no modifications. We inspect each part, no matter how big or small, at least four times to ensure it meets quality standards. MRT engineered performance helps you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.