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MRT Resonators and Mufflers

Making a car or truck sound good is easy when you shop at MRT. Thanks to our muscle car mufflers and resonators, you can customize the noise coming from your pipes at a great price. These parts are for people that want a vehicle to have a unique sound, but either can't afford a full exhaust system or aren't as concerned with horsepower gains. DIYers also purchase our universal car resonators and mufflers to build their own systems. We'll help you find the right high-quality parts to change up the sound fast.

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Resonator vs. Muffler

Before selecting a product, it's important to know the difference between a resonator and a muffler. Exhaust resonators act as an echo chamber, modifying the engine's sound by canceling out certain frequency ranges. Factory resonators typically block a lot of frequencies so vehicles run quieter. An aftermarket resonator, such as the MRT 2.5" Oval Resonator, focuses on eliminating the harshest noises while freeing up others so you can enjoy a more aggressive sound. Performance resonators can also add a few horsepower by reducing exhaust back pressure.

A muffler, on the other hand, reduces the engine's overall volume by using acoustic filler material. Every vehicle is required to have a muffler when it leaves the assembly line. Our reversible performance mufflers are a little less restrictive than the stock muffler. By using them in combination with an aftermarket resonator, you can give vehicles a muscle car tone without it becoming annoying or violating local noise ordinances.

Premium Aftermarket Resonators and Mufflers

MRT has developed an assortment of exhaust parts to fine-tune how your vehicle sounds. The 2.5-inch resonator comes in both round and oval shapes. A round aftermarket resonator is the standard shape and will work for most applications. Oval resonators can hold more volume while being narrower on the vertical plane, making them a good choice for vehicles with low ground clearance such as sports cars and track day cars. For these reasons, the 3-inch Performance Exhaust Resonator is currently only available in the oval shape, since the larger pipe leaves less clearance to work with.

Meanwhile, Xlerator performance muffler is made using high-temperature filler material to absorb exactly the right amount of decibels. The all-welded construction is reversible so you can orient it the way that fits best within your current exhaust system and undercarriage. If you are planning to modify a street vehicle, remember to check local and state laws before ordering to make sure aftermarket mufflers and resonators are legal in your area.

Hear the Difference with MRT

We design the best universal exhaust resonator and muffler upgrades for any type of pipe. Our resonators and mufflers are handcrafted from stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. Use them as replacements for classic restorations, to upgrade the daily driver or to make a custom exhaust. We have more than 35 years of experience with all aspects of automotive sound engineering; we use that to give you the best experience while driving. Contact the MRT expert staff for advice about what to order for your project.