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Aluminum Rear Window Louvers

After side louvers first came along in the mid-'60s, the rear louver was introduced on the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 and remained popular into the 1980s. Although few manufacturers offer them today as a factory feature, louvers remain a popular aftermarket add-on for many makes and models. Adding louvers to a window provides both functional comfort and a dapper look when customizing your vehicle.

The window louver design goes back to Medieval-era buildings - and they look just as cool in the 21st century. By placing parallel slats horizontally across the rear window, owners can reduce sun glare, help the cabin stay cool and add classic muscle car style. At the same time, a good louver window setup still allows excellent rear vision so you can stay safe on the road. Window louvers are street-legal in all 50 states, making them an excellent upgrade option that you can confidently drive anywhere.

Handcrafted Window Louvers

MRT helps you turn back the clock on modern vehicles with gorgeous aftermarket parts. If you're looking to add window louvers for the first time, we have a limited supply of aluminum rear louvers for Camaros made from 2010-2015 to make them look like a timeless machine.

Our rear window louver kits are made of aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum with a satin black powder-coat finish for durability and all-season weather. Custom painting is available upon request. Installation takes just one hour with no special tools or modifications. The one-piece design is shaped to match the rear window flow without obstructing your view and makes it easy to remove the louvers if needed.

Window Louver Accessories

For those who want to update or customize their setup, we stock an assortment of rear window louver accessories. A window louver hardware kit has the parts needed to transfer your louvers to another vehicle if you ever sell a previous steed. We sold these louver kits for a variety of Mustang and Camaro generations. And although we don't currently manufacture Corvette louvers, C7 hardware kits are available to swap or fix existing louvers.

You can purchase replacement latch pads, hinge pads and latch clips separately for quick repairs. Universal window louver hardware can be used with almost any MRT aftermarket louver model, making it easy to restore a 1970s muscle car appearance Universal rear louver prop rods are another must-have accessory. They let owners safely lift the louver up to clean the glass without removing them altogether. If you need to clean the louvers themselves, MRT uses Aero Finale on our vehicles, which polishes the aluminum to a shine and also adds a protective barrier against Mother Nature.

Muscle Car Louvers

Whether you're new to window louvers, are replacing damaged louvers or have rediscovered their beauty, MRT can help you get show-ready. All our products are engineered, designed and manufactured in the U.S. and are the perfect way to Get Noticed. If you're searching for a specific louver style that isn't listed, contact us to see if it's currently in production or on our radar.

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