Universal MRT Rear Window Louver Prop Rod Kit

Rear Window Louver Prop Rod Kit
Universal MRT Rear Window Louver Prop Rod Kit 12A800
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MRT Part # 12A800

Application: Mustang, Camaro, C7 Corvette Coupe
Doesn't Fit: Convertibles
Time to install: 10 minutes
Special tools required: None!
Retail Price: $53.99
Your Price: $44.99


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The universal prop rod kit designed by MRT is a unique way to access your vehicle's rear window glass for easy cleaning. A simple stainless steel rod is attached to the louver, it's released, supports the louver to remain open while you clean the dirt, dust, etc that have landed on the rear glass and under the louver. This kit is included in the original purchase of MRT Aluminum Rear Window Louver kits.

The MRT rear window louver prop rod kit features a do-it-yourself, simple install allowing you to easily replace your worn-out or damaged prop rods in just a few minutes.

This replacement Prop Rod kit includes:
  • 2 stainless steel, powder-coated rods
  • Installation instructions
Application: All MRT Aluminum Rear Window Louvers - Mustang, Camaro, and C7 Corvette

  • Direct factory replacement for MRT rear window louver prop rod kits
  • Acts as a rear window louver support for easy access to vehicle rear window glass
  • Clips easily into retainer on underside of louver for easy storage