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Toyota Tacoma Performance Exhaust Systems by MRT

Add an aggressive edge to your old reliable pickup by putting on a handcrafted Tacoma exhaust that's made to turn heads. The Tacoma has become a popular truck for its dependability and tough design - but we know you want it to stand out amongst the pack. These trucks are practically built to be customized, and our automotive engineers will help you do just that. Whether you drive a Tacoma regular cab, extended cab or 4-door, you can sound off with an MRT Toyota exhaust system and other Tacoma performance parts.
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Premium High-Flow Exhausts

Our exhaust systems don't create a beast in your truck - they just let loose the one that's already waiting to come out. The Version 1 Tacoma Cat-Back Exhaust is a perfect example. By using large mandrel-bent tubing and a straight-through muffler, we take off the collar that was choking back flow. The sudden surge of exhaust gas means more horsepower and a deep rumble whenever you press the gas pedal.

This is just one of the many exhaust variations we offer. Version 1 is the middle ground of sound, with Version 3 offering the most aggressive tone and Version 2 going for a mellow neighbor-friendly roar. Choose the Street Performance series if you want a moderate street-legal upgrade or the Badass series to scream from the black-top. Tacoma axle-back exhausts and resonator deletes are a more budget-friendly option for when horsepower is less important. Contact us to learn about what's in development or to ask about a custom Toyota performance exhaust.

American-Made Parts and Service

Whatever system you choose, you'll get the confidence if DIY installation, a lifetime limited warranty and service directly from the people who built the exhaust. We know offer many other ways to customize vehicles, too, including cosmetic window louvers and cold air induction systems. Visit the MRT Garage to look at some of our project cars and see why people choose our exhaust systems.