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GMC Sierra Performance Exhaust Kits Made in the USA

Make an ordinary truck sound like a performance steed with the ideal GMC Sierra exhaust system designed by the engineers at MRT. This rebadged
Chevy Silverado is the flagship of the GM truck line, and by customizing your rig, it will stand out from the many other Sierras on the road. We have more than 35 years of OE and automotive engineering experience. This has given us a full understanding of sound and how to design exhaust systems so they bring the most out of a vehicle. Shop with us for handcrafted exhaust kits that fit the GMC Sierra like the truck came with them already attached.
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Sound Made for You

MRT's GMC Sierra cat-back systems make an instant difference from the moment you bolt them on. Our Sierra Deep & Mellow Cat-Back emits a loud, deep rumble that's ideal for city streets or worksite. Those who are ready to run free on the highway or off the beaten path will love the MRT ToughTruck Cat-Back that cranks things up a few more decibels. Both systems have a straight-through muffler and CNC-bent wide mandrel tubing to increase horsepower by maximizing flow.

Want a Sierra axle-back exhaust or a custom system? Give MRT a call. We're always designing new GMC Sierra performance parts, and if you don't see the right kit here, it might be on its way. If not, let us make it for you!

Unmatched Quality for DIYers

MRT is committed to making excellent exhaust systems for backyard mechanics. We inspect each part at least four times and design them for bolt-on installation. You don't even need to own a diagnostic tool to know your vehicle is performing its best. Visit the product pages or stop by the MRT YouTube channel to watch reviews of our exhaust systems and hear them for yourself.

GMC Sierra Exhaust FAQs

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