Tube : 2.5" T304 SS Straight Pipe

2.5in T304 Stainless Steel Tubing Straight
Straight 2.5" T304 Stainless Steel tube C3042.5ST
MRT Part #C3042.5ST

Material: T304 Stainless Steel Tube
Diameter: 2.5 inches
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Price with Options: $22.00

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Those who want to create their own exhaust or fix up a system they love will need the right tubing. MRT 2.5-inch T304 straight pipe is manufactured following the same process as our complete exhaust kits. Straight exhaust pipe is useful for exhaust fabrication, repairs or upgrades, allowing you to replace one section of an exhaust rather than the entire system. If you're looking for 2.5-inch straight exhaust pipes, MRT has your back. To ensure quality, our 2.5-inch stainless steel pipe is inspected at least four times before it goes out the door.

For your convenience, we offer a choice of exhaust pipe sizes. In addition to 2.5-inch straight exhaust pipes, MRT sells straight T304 stainless steel tubing with a 3-inch diameter. Both pipe diameters are made here in the U.S. of T304 stainless steel. The smooth pipe walls and polished finish maximize exhaust gas flow to boost sound, increase horsepower and add efficiency. If you are interested in 3-inch stainless steel tubing, follow this link: 3-inch T304 SS Tube.

Performance Exhaust Straight Pipes

In the hands of an experienced DIYer, straight exhaust piping is a money-saving solution for many projects. It costs much less than buying a new exhaust system and gives you flexibility. Orders of 2.5-inch stainless steel pipe are priced in one-foot increments in lengths up to a maximum of six feet. These pieces are a handy option for backyard mechanics who want to fabricate their own exhaust system or make something else out of a metal that has great rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Need a specific length to match the piece you're replacing? Contact us by phone, email or live chat to request custom exhaust pipe.

MRT has many other parts that you'll need for an exhaust system restoration or custom build. On the Exhaust Flanges & Tubes page, you'll find a variety of 2.5-inch mandrel-bent tubes to connect the straight pipe. We also sell aftermarket resonators, universal mufflers and exhaust tips. Every stage of production, from initial design to manufacturing, is done in-house. This ensures consistent high quality while giving our customers American-made exhaust components for their cars and trucks.

  • 2.5-inch diameter T304 stainless steel pipe
  • Offered in 1-foot increments of tube with a maximum 6-foot section
  • Great item for exhaust repair or fabrication

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