Tip : 2.5" Turn Down Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel

2.5 inch Turn Down Exhaust Tip Weld on
2.5" Exhaust Turn Down Tip CETTD2.5
MRT Part# CETTD2.5

Steel wall thickness: 0.065 inches
Inlet size: 2.5 inch diameter exhaust pipe
Overall length: 12 inches
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Price with Options: $45.00

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Don't refuse the opportunity to update an exhaust system with the right tips. Our 2.5-inch turn down exhaust tips have many uses for cars, trucks and SUVs. The design aims the exhaust gases and sound downward so they hit the pavement. Audio frequencies will echo off the road, making the exhaust sound louder to you but quieter to people down the road. This makes them a neighborhood-friendly addition and a common choice for diesel exhaust tips.

Turn down exhaust tips are also great for towing as they keep hot gases from blasting vehicles, campers, equipment or whatever else you're hauling. Finally, they offer a refined minimalist look that some people prefer for the rear of their vehicles.

Premium Exhaust Tips

Whatever the reason you want to switch to an exhaust turndown system, use these tips for lasting performance. Our 2.5" exhaust tips will fit any pipe of the same diameter. They're made of T304 stainless steel with 0.065-inch thick walls to resist corrosion, heat damage and impacts. The 12-inch length adequately extends the outlet so exhaust gases don't collect underneath the car - yet it is short enough to enjoy the localized rumble that you're listening for. The angle is created using mandrel bending for maximum strength and flow efficiency.

When purchasing this exhaust tip, please specify whether you want the standard tip, which requires welding, or a notched tip that you can attach to the pipe using band clamps. Both are made in the U.S. for your next customization project. Get in touch at (734) 455-5807 if you have any exhaust tip questions.

  • 2.5" turn-down exhaust tip made from T304 stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance and rust resistance
  • A great option for truck drivers who want to direct exhaust gases away from whatever they are towing or for vehicle owners who don't want to see the exhaust tips
  • Offered as weld-on (standard) or with a notching option at no extra charge for band clamp usage
  • For use with exhaust fabrication, customization or repair

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