Tip : 2.5" Turn Down Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel

2.5 inch Turn Down Exhaust Tip Weld on
2.5" Exhaust Turn Down Tip CETTD2.5
MRT Part# CETTD2.5

Steel wall thickness: 0.065 inches
Inlet size: 2.5 inch diameter exhaust pipe
Overall length: 12 inches
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Turn up the functionality and style of your vehicle with 2.5-inch turn-down exhaust tips that are handcrafted in the U.S. Better looks behind your vehicle are just one turn-down exhaust tip advantage. If you don't want to see the exhaust exit the rear of your vehicle or prefer a more "finished" look, an exhaust turn-down tip offers a smart solution. A turn-down tip is also a wise choice for town vehicles - it will direct hot exhaust gases away from whatever you might be towing so these gases don't cause damage.

Finally, because these exhaust tips turn down, they can bounce sound off the road to make even more music for your ears. At the same time, turn-downs create a slightly more "localized rumble," letting you run a powerful exhaust without disturbing people several blocks away. For these reasons and others, turn-down exhaust exit tips are great for exhaust customization, fabrication or repair.

Handcrafted Performance Exhaust Tips

If you're looking for these kinds of exhaust tips, look no more. Our MRT 2.5" Stainless Steel 2.5-Inch Turn-Down Exhaust Tip might be just what you need. They are made from simple 2.5-inch T304 stainless steel exhaust tubing and mandrel bent to create a slight downward angle at the end. This angle directs sound and air downward as they exit the vehicle. The overall tip length is 12 inches - modifying the existing pipe may be needed to make sure the tip doesn't jut out.

This 2.5-inch stainless exhaust tubing turn-down tip can be used with any matching diameter tubes and pipes, including our selection of exhaust tubes. The standard design requires the tip to be welded on; this can be done at home or by a local automotive shop. We also can notch the tip for muffler clamps at no extra cost. Just make your selection when purchasing. If you elect to use muffler clamps, MRT recommends our 2.5-inch band clamps (MRT Part #C9095).

Whether you're modifying your existing exhaust or want a custom tip to go with MRT's selection of performance exhaust kits, the 2.5-inch turn-down tip is a simple and inexpensive option. We inspect them a minimum of four times before shipping to ensure they meet our quality standards. Call us at 734-455-5807 or use our online chat if you need assistance.

  • 2.5" turn-down exhaust tip made from T304 stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance and rust resistance
  • A great option for truck drivers who want to direct exhaust gases away from whatever they are towing or for vehicle owners who don't want to see the exhaust tips
  • Offered as weld-on (standard) or with a notching option at no extra charge for band clamp usage
  • For use with exhaust fabrication, customization or repair

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