Aero Diamond Power Block Coating Applicator

Aero Diamond Power Block Coating Applicator
Quick Details
  • Specialty Coating Applicator
  • Ultimate Surface Cleaner
  • Exterior use
  • Use With Suede Microfiber Towel
  • Designed for application of AERO Shield Diamond 10H coating
  • Detailing Product
    Dual Reticulated Foam
    Streak-free Application
    Brilliant Shine
    Made for Aircraft
    Clear sign of a clean car!
    Recommended and used by MRT
    List Price: $3.99
    Your Price: $2.49

    Product Details
    Nothing says clean car better than having perfectly clean, streak-free exterior. At International Aero, when challenged with detailing the world's most exclusive aircraft, they needed nothing less than the perfect coating applicator. AERO POWER BLOCK is a special dual reticulated foam designed for the application of AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H coating. Use with AERO Suede Microfiber 5X5" Applicator Towels