Aero Fusion : Polymer Infused Carnauba Wax 13.5oz

Polymer infused carnauba wax by Aero 80Z020
Aero Fusion: Carnauba Wax 13.5oz 80Z020
MRT Part #80Z020

Application: All makes and all Models!
Detailing Product: Polymer infused carnauba wax.
MRT Recommended: 100%
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Your Price: $24.99

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Product Details Technical Specs
AERO FUSION adds a deep rich gloss to your painted surfaces while creating a barrier of durable protection. Fusion is easy to apply with nothing short of perfect results. AERO FUSION is a polymer infused carnauba soft paste wax that is environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable and VOC compliant. Fusion features all of the attributes of polymer; easy application, incredible durability, extreme melting points. While adding the amazing gloss enhancement of a premium carnauba paste wax. Application recommended in a shady area.
AERO International
  • Safe for all gloss painted surfaces
  • Enhanced deep gloss finish
  • Durable paint protection for up to six months

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