Niche manufacturing experts - what does this mean?

MRT is a niche company that employs niche manufacturing experts. We focus our expertise on designing and building aftermarket vehicle exhaust systems along with a few other automotive products, such as hood struts and rear window louvers. But that's it. Our core concentration lies in exhaust systems, which is why we are specialists in the field.

What is Niche Manufacturing?

Niche manufacturing involves a niche business that focuses on a narrow field. That field could be the services a company provides or the products (in our case, exhaust kits) it designs and manufactures.

Some companies, such as Amazon, begin life fairly niche (selling books online) but then grow and expand their scope of operations and can no longer be called "niche." Other companies stick to their niche roots and limit the products and services they offer, perhaps by choice or perhaps due to the market.

The Advantages of Niche Manufacturing

Niche corporations that zero in on niche markets have many advantages in the business space. Without other distractions, niche manufacturing experts can focus on the jobs at hand, such as creating and designing, which lets them offer the best products they possibly can.

Over the years, MRT's niche spot in the aftermarket automotive exhaust space has allowed us to provide high-quality products (all our products are inspected at least four times) to our customers. And because we work on a limited range of products, every new item we design and build only adds to our extensive knowledge base of sound engineering and aftermarket automotive workmanship. The payoff can be felt by our clients, who "Hear the Difference" in our products.

MRT Niche Manufacturing

MRT niche manufacturing builds lower-volume specialty products. This means you won't see MRT-branded gear in every auto shop in North America (we don't produce at that kind of volume). While some might see that as a disadvantage, we see it as an advantage because we don't have to invest huge sums into areas that aren't our passion or specialty.

At MRT, we've implemented a building process that allow us to quickly swap out the industrial tools we use to make our exhaust systems (plus a limited range of additional products). The advantage this gives us is the flexibility to quickly react to market demands. We can retool to add to stock or deal with a new product for a new model of car or truck that has just been released. This means that our niche customer base can count on us to design, build or increase the stock of certain products in a short amount of time (according to market demands).

MRT-Branded "Niche" Automotive Products

MRT is a niche company staffed by car lovers who are also niche manufacturing experts. We build, sell, install and distribute MRT products with the highest quality standards possible.

Since we only focus on a few products, we can devote our resources to quality customer service. While "the customer always comes first" might be a business cliché, that client-centric saying is particularly true for MRT. We have a very singular niche focus in the aftermarket automotive space, which ultimately benefits our loyal customers.