Why add an aftermarket exhaust to a C8 Corvette?

So you're the proud owner of a Chevrolet C8 Corvette. You've already made an out-of-the-box decision when it comes to your choice of a sports car. But now if you want to stand out from the crowd, it might be time to splurge on a few aftermarket extras for your glossy, redesigned mid-engine V8 Corvette.

Here's a brief rundown of a few of the benefits you can enjoy by adding an aftermarket MRT exhaust to a C8 Corvette. We'll also take a look at how our handcrafted C8 Corvette MRT Sport Touring cat-back exhaust or our Street Race cat-back exhaust can help make your ride one of the coolest 'Vettes on the street or track.

MRT AFM Plates

First off, MRT includes MRT AFM plates with our DIY-installation aftermarket exhaust kits. These bolt-on motion-control "dummy" plates - after they're hooked up - simulate the active fuel management (AFM) valve function of the dual-mode exhaust (NPP) on your C8 Corvette.

This simulating action tricks the car's computer into thinking everything is A-OK (no annoying check engine light blinking on), which lets you install our performance exhaust without having to go in for a custom performance tune.

Rumble and Roar

Both our C8 Corvette MRT Sport Touring cat-back exhaust and our C8 Corvette MRT Street Race cat-back exhaust create a cool aftermarket rumble and roar. When you want everyone to hear that your Vette stands out from the rest, an MRT exhaust can help make your car unique because of its distinctive exhaust note.

Exhaust Tips and Finishes

Apart from upping the aggressive rumble of your C8 Corvette exhaust system, we offer our customers a choice of finishes for their handcrafted 4" quad exhaust tips, which fill up the entire exhaust opening. These finishes also help drivers get their rides noticed, no matter where they happen to travel.

The Black Ops finish, complete with a high-temperature black matte coating, will give your car a sporty chic sheen. If you want to add a bit of flash to your C8, opt for the polished stainless steel finish for that glossy shine.

Two Exhaust Sound Levels

The skilled engineers at MRT know that Corvette owners don't like to be boxed in when it comes to style or performance. That's why we designed two different exhaust sound levels for your C8 Corvette exhaust. No one likes limits when it comes to sound, performance or roadside fun.

Our MRT Sport Tuning system is 10%-15% more aggressive in the sound department when stacked up against the C8 model that came out of the Chevrolet factory system. You'll definitely notice the sonic difference in the "vroom vroom" of your Stingray.

If you really want to kick exhaust sounds up a notch, go for our MRT Street Race cat-back exhaust system. Developed in-house, this kit boasts our most aggressive sound for when you want to hit the track. And best of all, both versions reduce exhaust back pressure to provide maximum flow and performance to match the high-performance aesthetic of your kitted-out, customized C8. Not only do you Hear the Difference, you Feel the Performance.

When you install an MRT exhaust in your car, you'll be installing an extra layer of automotive cool, which is a wise choice for any Corvette owner.