How does MRT design a new system?

Have you ever wondered how MRT goes about designing new exhaust systems? The process is straightforward, whether it's for a classic Camaro, Corvette C8 or 2020 Explorer ST, but it relies heavily on the expertise of our in-house engineering team. Our years of automotive experience designing specialty "do-it-yourself" USA-made exhaust systems is what makes us stand apart from the competition.

Here are the three main steps that go into our exhaust system manufacturing process, which takes places on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, where we design and build all our handcrafted MRT-branded products.

1. Vehicle Assessment

With the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 - or for any sports car, truck or vehicle we build a new, aftermarket exhaust system for - we begin the design process by assessing the entire vehicle package. This means spending time with the car and getting to know it. Our engineers will drive it around in different conditions, at different speeds, on the road and, when available, on the track.

Once we've completed an in-depth vehicle assessment and understand all the systems and different kinds of sounds a car makes, we set about designing an aftermarket exhaust that retains all the features of the factory original equipment. In this case, we came up with the C8 Corvette MRT Sport Touring cat-back exhaust as well as the C8 Corvette MRT Street Race cat-back exhaust, giving our customers a variety of aftermarket exhaust options.

For the Explorer ST, we created two high-performance systems: an axle-back and a resonator delete (RD) design. Always at the cutting edge, MRT recently innovated these custom exhaust systems so proud owners of this vehicle could get a muscle car experience they can hear and feel.

2. The Fabrication Process

Next, MRT tackles the actual fabrication of the exhaust systems. Our team will work out exactly how that specific exhaust system in your car needs to be altered to increase airflow. When it comes to certified OEM exhausts, an increase in airflow affects vehicle power and performance along with the desired changes in the sound level (more aggressive sounding, drone and resonance noises, the relationship between the throttle and exhaust loudness, etc.). Whatever your ride of choice may be, we can get the roar you want when we know what we're working with.

3. Sound Quality Assessment

Last but not least, is our exhaust system design and manufacturing process. We assess the overall exhaust sound quality to define its core sonic characteristics. The goal is to build a custom exhaust that will improve exhaust sound(s) - making them a bit "sexier" - while simultaneously enhancing the vehicle's overall DNA.

Depending on what you're after (and the kit you choose), MRT's exhaust systems for C8, Camaro, Explorer ST and more will deliver a deep, full-performance sound imprint, a low-resonating rumble noise, gains in horsepower and more. MRT engineered performance lets you "Hear the Difference" in your vehicle, getting your car noticed wherever and whenever you take her out for a spin.

4. Performance

    • MRT designs systems with larger tube diameters than stock
    • That means: larger tube size, better exhaust flow, which translates to improved engine performance
    • This leads to off-the-line acceleration increases and real-world fuel economy improvements

5. Get Noticed

Aesthetics aren't ever on the backburner at MRT. The design approach always intends to complement the vehicle's DNA. For old-school muscle and pony cars, that means turned-down tips. For modern cars, that means designs that accommodate for multiple sizes of faux tip bumpers.

Regardless of your vehicle's particular styling, these exhaust tip upgrades are visually seamless. Choose between polished chrome or a subtle black - it's your choice to get noticed or not.