MRT Premium Exhaust

MRT Premium Exhaust Systems
All MRT Exhaust Ship for Free!
- Restricted to contiential US only -

The team of engineers at MRT design every MRT Brand premium exhaust system to offer a performance sound appropriate to a particular vehicle all while minimizing drone using MRT's proprietary Drone Management System MRT offers industry leading premium exhausts systems including H-pipes, axle-backs, cat-back, turbo-back, resonator delete as well as complete exhaust systems.

MRT builds MRT premium exhaust systems for many makes and models including the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Ford Fiesta and Fusion, Dodge and Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet SS, Subaru, Slingshot, and more. If there is no MRT premium exhaust system for your car, MRT Performance builds custom premium exhaust systems for all makes and models of cars and trucks.

MRT "No Drill" Hood Struts

MRT No Drill Hood Struts
All MRT Hood Struts Ship for Free!
Restricted to contiential US only

These Mustang hood struts eliminate the need for a factory hood prop rod and give you the clean, pleasing appearance every engine bay deserves. MRT Brand Hood Struts are great for both show and street Mustangs -- don't let that hood prop distract from all the power you've packed under the hood. We achieve all this while reusing factory bolts to mount the brackets requiring NO DRILLING!

MRT Classic Louvers

All MRT Louvers Ship for Free!
Restricted to contiential US only

The beloved retro style is back, stronger and more muscular than ever before. MRT Brand Rear Window Louvers give a stock muscle car the clean, classic appearance every vehicle deserves.

Sporting uniquely curved slats, MRT Brand Rear Window Louvers produce a tight flowing look that completes the natural lines of the race inspired styling. And, with the highest quality all-aluminum construction, the style you love doesn't come at a compromise.

Not ready to drill any holes in your beauty? Neither are we! At MRT, we think that drilling into your car just isn't right. That's why we developed the MRT Brand NO-DRILL Rear Window Louver, requiring absolutely no drilling. Our Rear Window Louvers are easy to install and are equipped with hinges and a prop rod for convenience while cleaning.

MRT "Shorty" Antenna

Do you find 30 inches of antenna distracting to your car's appearance? If so, you can now replace your Factory-installed long antenna with the MRT Shorty antenna (13.5" tall). Designed for an easy on and off install. No negative impact to radio reception.

Fits the 1979-2009 Ford Mustang and does fit other Ford vehicles with standard thread. MRT Shorty Antenna's are now available painted! You can have your shorty antenna custom painted to complement the exterior of your car. Like the Carbon Fiber look? MRT Shorty Antenna's are also available in the Carbon Fiber finish.

MRT Custom Shift Knobs

MRT Shift Knobs

Add a sharp, custom look to your Ford Mustang with an MRT Shift Knob.This shift knob comes with a standard 16mm master thread and a reducer to fit your vehicle. The shift knobs come in two different sizes 2" or 2-1/4" knob diameters . The knobs will fit most vehicle applications with the proper reducer and hardware.

MRT shift knobs are manufactured in America out of the finest Partek resin material. It ensures a lasting, high-gloss finish. A brass thread insert prevents frustrating stripped threads during installation. Our alignment jam-nut lets you set the shift knob to the height and position that you want. Best of all, these knobs are designed to resist changes in temperature: they won't freeze your hand in winter or fry it in the summer!

"The Book"

The Bullitt and Mach 1 Book

As told to Mustang enthusiast Anthony S. Alonso, who currently owns a black 2001 Bullitt and previously an azure blue 2003 Mach 1, ENGINEER + ENTHUSIAST = EXCITEMENT relates the journey to bring two special edition models to market for the last “hurrah” of the SN-95 Mustang line.

The 2001 Bullitt was launched in spring 2001, just 14 months after being displayed as a concept at the 2000 Los Angeles Auto Show. The 2003/04 Mach 1 was planned while the Bullitt was still in development and released in late 2002. Scott’s passion, fueled by his long-time enthusiast focus and engineering know-how, resulted in two well-received vehicles. Each car was a look back and celebration of the heritage of a well-known movie car from 1968 and optional model from 1969/70.