Exhaust Clamp SS : U-Bolt 2.5" #C9093

2.5in U-Bolt Muffler Clamp

U-Bolt style exhaust clamps are designed for easy installation and removal and are ideal for most custom exhaust systems. These clamps are rust and corrosion resistant to help provide a strong seal for your exhaust system.

  • Rust Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • For use with custom exhaust fabrication
  • U-Bolt Style Clamp
List Price: $2.95
Your Price: $2.50

Product Details
2 1/2 inch steel U-bolt style exhaust muffler clamp sold individually
for custom exhaust fabrication or exhaust system repairs .Pick up a six
pack of 2.5 inch clamps for an additional savings part # C90936pk.

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