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Road Trip with the MRT SEMA Truck: 2015 Ford F-150 TKO

MRT participates in the 2016 HOT ROD Power Tour.

Drone Management System by MRT

MRT uses a unique process to design and engineer performance exhaust systems that minimize drone.

Motorhead Garage on Velocity TV Visits MRT

The Motorhead Garage gang visited MRT in Plymouth, Michigan to see how they create high style, high performance vehicles.

X-Pipe or H-Pipe?

When it comes to a mid-pipe upgrade to enhance performance, we’re faced with an important question: X-Pipe or H-Pipe?

Why add an aftermarket exhaust to a C8 Corvette?

So you're the proud owner of a Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

What are the types of sound quality?

As performance enthusiasts, we desire the greatest performance from our vehicles.

How does MRT design a new system?

Have you ever wondered how MRT goes about designing new exhaust systems?

Niche manufacturing experts - what does this mean?

MRT is a niche company that employs niche manufacturing experts.

What kind of quality goes into a MRT-built system?

Have you ever wondered what kind of quality goes into a system built by MRT?